Vermont Trio Attends Policy Seminar in Washington

Staff and alumnae from Vermont’s Trio programs attended Policy Seminar, hosted by the Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) in March. Attendees were briefed on issues facing Congress this year, including upcoming budget discussions that affect Trio, the re-authorization of the Higher Education Act and other proposed changes to federal law. Participants came from across the United States to advocate for their programs and for Trio programs overall.

On March 27th, the Vermont group visited Representative Peter Welch, Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Patrick Leahy. They were fortunate to get to meet each of them in person, as well as with their aides, to share stories of success and to ask for their continued support.

Participants from Vermont included:

  • Anne Kaplan, Counselor, Talent Search, VSAC

  • Matt Bourgault, Director, Talent Search, VSAC

  • Vanessa Santos, Alumna, Talent Search, VSAC

  • Rick Williams, Director, Upward Bound, NVU-Lyndon

  • Kaytlyn Oliver, Alumna, Upward Bound, NVU-Lyndon

  • Mikayla Royer, Alumna, Upward Bound, NVU-Lyndon

  • Karen Madden, Director, Student Support Services, NVU-Johnson

  • Erica Fuller, Assistant Director, Upward Bound, NVU-Johnson

  • Elaine Collins, President, NVU

Vermont Trio staff and alumnae with aides for Senator Bernie Sanders

Vermont Trio staff and alumnae with aides for Senator Bernie Sanders