Stefano Donati (left) receives the Educator of the Year award from David Lindenberg

Stefano Donati (left) receives the Educator of the Year award from David Lindenberg

Educator of the Year

The VEOP Educator of the Year award is presented to a faculty or staff member, tutor, or administrator from any institution hosting a VEOP program.  The recipient must have made significant contributions to furthering educational opportunities for VEOP students and must be a current VEOP member with at least five years of service to the VEOP community.

2018 Stefano Donati, Southern Vermont College Student Support Services

2017 Catherine Burns, Southern Vermont College Student Support Services

2016 Tim Ulrich, Lyndon State College Upward Bound

2015 Kristen Neumayer, Lyndon State College Upward Bound

2014 Jennifer Jones,  Castleton University, Upward Bound Director

2013 Kikuli Mwanukuzi Johnson State College

2012 Karen Clark Community College of Vermont

2011 Deanne Blueter Johnson State College Upward Bound

2010 Greg Tefft Johnson State Upward Bound

2009 Sharon Hopper CCV Student Support Services

2008 Elizabeth “Biz” Green Plattsburgh State University Upward Bound

2007 Angela Ryan Williams Lyndon State College, SSS

2006 Russell Weis Johnson State College Upward Bound

2005 Jake Urban Lyndon State College, Upward Bound Counselor

2004 John Tague Bellows Free Academy, Fairfax Vermont

2003 Ronald Burke / Cheryl Phillip Plattsburgh State College Upward Bound

2002 Laura Gatewood Castleton University, STEP Program

2001 Dian Duranleau, Johnson State College, Academic Support Services

2000 Carolyn Donahue University of Vermont Learning Cooperative

1999 Bill Goldsworthy Lyndon State College Upward Bound

1998 Barry Mansfield University of Vermont Learning Cooperative

1997 Linda Morse, Johnson State College Academic Support Services

1996 Donna Souza Southern Vermont College ACTion Program

1995 Gary Wills Johnson State College Upward Bound

1994 Katherine Veilleux Community College of Vermont

1993 Janet Powell Lyndon State College Upward Bound

1992 Carole Goldsworthy Lyndon State College Upward Bound

1991 Rick Williams Lyndon State College Upward Bound

1990 Sandy Hill Lyndon State College Upward Bound

1989 Aruna Gandhi Plattsburgh State College Student Support Services

1988 Chris Michael Southern Vermont College ACTion Program

1987 Gloria Provost Plattsburgh State College Upward Bound

1985 Mike Veilleux Johnson State Upward Bound

1983 Kelly Griggs University of Vermont Learning Cooperative